Time deposit annual interest calculator

In days (from 7 to 1829)*
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The minimal amount of time deposit is EUR100, USD100, GBP100.
The residents' deposits are insured in the State undertaking "Deposit and Investment Insurance".
The time deposits placed though the "SB linija" for the period of 1 year and more, shall be subject to 0.10 per cent premium interest.

Deposits with Šiaulių bankas are insured by the State Enterprise Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas under the Law on Deposit and Liabilities Insurance for Investors of the Republic of Lithuania (2002, No. 65-2635; 2004 No. 54-1829; 2005, No. 18-578; 2008, No. 15-512, No. 121-4589; 2009, No. 93-3969).