Leasing of Heavy Vehicles and Agricultural Equipment

Choose the property you need: heavy vehicle, equipment or agricultural machinery, and sign the lease agreement in our partner venues or in one of Šiaulių bankas branches. Please be assured that entering into lease agreement will take no longer than 10 minutes if you purchase the desired property for no more than EUR 15 000.

We finance acquisition of the following HEAVY VEHICLES
We finance acquisition of the following AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY

New and used heavy vehicles:

  • trucks
  • tractors
  • trailers and semi-trailers
  • construction and road building machinery

New and used agricultural machinery:

  • agricultural tractors
  • special purpose tractors
  • harvesters
  • trailer-type equipment
  • wood processing machinery and equipment
  • other property related with agriculture and forestry

We adjust contribution payment schedule with your income payment intervals.

Main Financing Conditions

  Covering with Casco insurance Without covering with Casco insurance
Financed amount up to unlimited up to EUR 6 000
The initial payment when the agreement period is up to 36 months

20 %

The initial payment when the agreement period is up to 60 months

25 %

Vehicle age at the end of leasing contract no more than 12 years unlimited 

If you have some unanswered questions about financing, fill in LEASING REQUEST form or come to Šiaulių bankas branch.