Account Transfer Service

Account Transfer Service. What is it?

The account transfer service is the assistance provided by a payment service provider (bank, credit union, e-money institution) to a client for transferring payment services associated with his/her account from one payment service provider to another. The account transfer service is free of charge and is provided to natural persons.

What services can be transferred from other payment service providers?

  • Periodic payment agreements
  • Balance on the account
  • Periodic revenues (at your request, Šiaulių Bankas can inform the payers about change of the account when you fill out a sample application form). Document sending will be charged at correspondence sending rate.

How can I transfer an account to Šiaulių Bankas?

  • Contact the nearest customer service department of Šiaulių Bankas
  • Fill in the request for the account transfer service (if there are two or more account holders, an application of each account holder (co-owner) must be submitted to the bank)
  • Šiaulių Bankas will open a new account for you and will conclude service contracts for transferred services
  • The old account will be closed when the account transfer procedure is completed (i.e. the old account number will be lost).

How much time will it take to transfer the services from another payment service provider?

At your request, Šiaulių Bankas will start the account transfer procedure (it will not be necessary for you to contact your old payment service provider) and will transfer the services no earlier than within 13 business days from the date of the request.

For more information on the account transfer service, visit the Lithuanian Banks Association website.

If you have any questions, we kindly invite you to call tel. 1813 (when calling from abroad 370 37 301 337), write e-mail to or visit Šiaulių Bankas customer service departments.