Place a fixed-term deposit with additional interest

Fixed-term deposit with additional interest allows you to receive not only fixed annual interest but also the opportunity to earn additional interest if the values of financial assets (gold price in euros index) the deposit is linked to exceed the established minimum percentage limit.

This deposit has the advantages of fixed-term deposits

  • Term of deposit is clear, at maturity fixed annual interest is paid.
  • Secure means of saving, which is covered with deposit insurance.

You may obtain a higher return than conventional fixed-term deposit interest rates

Placing this fixed-term deposit with additional interest you may earn over 9,8 % interest for the entire deposit term, i.e.


  • you will receive fixed interest from 1.8 % (annual fixed-interest rate is 0.6 %);
  • and will have opportunity to receive 4 % of additional interest (annual additional interest rate from 1,26 %*) or 8 % of additional interest (annual additional interest rate from 2,52 %*).

These conditions shall apply placing this deposit before 11 September 2017, when the minimum deposit amount is 1000 euros and deposit maturity falls on 14 September 2020. Interest will be paid at the deposit maturity.

More information on deposit terms and conditions.

* The exact annual interest depends on what day the deposit will be placed.

Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract

  •  In the case of special circumstances, you can withdraw a part of the deposit money without terminating the deposit contract: just submit an application and exceptional circumstances supporting documents.
  • If these documents are submitted within the deadline announced by the bank from the date of occurrence of such extraordinary circumstances, you will be paid by that time accrued interest (otherwise the interest is not paid).
  • Interest calculated for the part of the deposit being withdrawn is paid at maturity of the deposit together with accrued interest on the remainder of the deposit amount.

Early termination of the deposit contract

Deposit can be stopped before the deadline only in exceptional circumstances. Business customers according to the list of special circumstances cannot terminate the deposit contract before the deadline.

Please note
The Bank has the right to unilaterally terminate deposit agreement under adverse conditions in the market related to financial assets, which are linked to deposit, before announcement of the deposit initial value on 27 January 2017. In case the Bank terminates the deposit agreement unilaterally, fixed interest calculated for the deposit period before deposit agreement termination shall be paid to the depositor.

How to place this deposit?

All legal entities and natural persons can concluded this deposit agreement via SB Linija or in any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

In case of any queries please submit an request  or contact us by tel. 1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301 337).

Following the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania deposits with Šiaulių Bankas AB are insured in the state company Deposit and Investment Insurance. See more

More information on deposit terms and conditions