A mobile App "Šiaulių bankas"

Download the Bank's mobile application to give you more options including:

  • safe, simple and fast money transfers;
  • exchange rates and exchange transactions;
  • search for the nearest ATM;
  • and a lot more.

The mobile application for residential and business customers offers the opportunity to manage the funds in a bank account, access the customer service network and the bank news.

You can use the gadget anywhere at any time, if only you have got your smart device and internet access in place.

All the application services are available only to the users of SB linija online banking system who use wireless communication.

Using the Bank's mobile application you can:

  • check your account balance and credited and debited funds;
  • to make payments between your accounts in Šiaulių bankas, local payments and foreign exchange transactions;
  • review deposit agreements;
  • read the bank notices and respond to them;
  • learn the bank's news;
  • find an ATM and a branch of the bank;
  • know exchange rates;
  • quickly contact your bank.

Part of the bank's mobile application services and features are available to all users of smart devices.

To connect to the application, you can use a PIN code card or mobile signature.

The prices of all transactions performed using the application are the same as for the SB linja. If you do not have entered into the e-banking contract, you are welcome to arrive to the nearest branch of Šiaulių bankas and sign a service contract.

Here you can download an application for your smart device free of charge:




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from 2018-12-10

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