Enter operations by selecting Applet menu item Payments and particular payment type, fill in the requested data.
User can do the following operations in the Applet: payment between own accounts, local payment (inside Šiaulių bankas or to other bank registered in Lithuania) and currency exchange. If making payments between own accounts, after pushing the button „Transfer“, view the payment and “Sign” it.
When filling in the local payment, push „NAME/SURNAME/NAME“, and you can view payee list, select the required payee or remove the payee from the list.
To fill in the local payments, payment templates found in SB linija can be used/selected. If required field is left blank or filled in incorrectly, error shows up and such payment cannot be saved.
Currency exchange is done only applying the payment order rates and only during specified hours. Exchange operations signed with the necessary signature level are not carrried out  during non-banking hours.

Applet payment status „Awaiting for signing“ shows only the unsigned operations created in the applet and/or SB linija.


User can sign all signing-awaiting or only marked operations with PIN code or M-signature:

* Sign the operation with the code from PIN card if logged with the PIN card or

* Sign the operation with M-signature if logged with the M-signature.

Applet checks the payment amounts and does not allow signing if selected payment amount exceeds the available balance.  Before confirming the payment, it can be viewed once again: total number and amount of payments selected for signing are displayed.

Bank recommends each time to check whether the signed operations are executed successfully.

Operations signed in the Applet are executed in the same way as in SB linija and displayed in SB linija operation lists.