Smart-ID: what is it?

Smart-ID is a simple and secure identity validation tool, allowing ready access to e-services:

  • checking the bank account
  • signing documentation
  • paying fees
  • transferring money
  • performing other everyday electronic tasks and operations.

The use of Smart-ID application is free and unlimited.

What do I need to use Smart-ID?

To get started using Smart-ID, you need the following:

  • A smart phone
  • Signed On-line Banking Service Agreement,
  • Identity Verification Instruments issued by the Bank (PIN + SMS, Generator), M. Signature or E.Signature

Why would I want to use Smart-ID applet?

  • It is handy. You can download the applet to all Android and iOS smart devices. To create an account and sign up, follow the instructions in the applet. How to use the applet you will find here.
    After completing the registration, you can instantly use the applet. If you want to use the Smart-ID on multiple smart devices, download the applet to each of them separately and register your account.
  • It is safe. Smart-ID applet meets the highest security requirements, so this decision is used by banks and other reliable electronic service providers. Unlike the bank code card where all passwords are visible, Smart-ID applet does not store your PIN codes in the smart device, so even if you lose your phone, your data will always be safe.
  • It is simple. You are using your mobile phone on a daily basis, so you can sign in to on-line banking and other systems using Smart-ID easily and quickly.

How to start using the Smart-ID?

In order to use the free Smart-ID application, download it from Google's Play or App Store shops:


In order to created Smart-ID account, follow the instructions below.

In Lithuania, you can use two types of Smart-ID accounts:

Smart-ID acount
After the client verifies identity by M-signature and account registration is successfully completed, Smart – ID is created which is deemed a qualified e-signature (like M-signature, stationary E-signature – personal identity card, USB drive).
White background is used for Smart-ID applet.

Smart-ID Basic account
After the client verifies identity by selecting online bank, (Šiaulių bankas, SEB, Swedbank, Luminor) and account registration is successfully completed (Šiaulių bankas OB uses the following means: PIN+SMS, M-signature, generator, E-signature) Smart – ID Basic is created, which is deemed unqualified e-signature. This means can be used for online banking of the mentioned banks. When logging for the first time, additional consent of the client is necessary for the use of this means. Green background is used for Smart-ID Basic applet.

Clients can use Smart-ID Basic means, after they confirm their consent to use this identity verification means. Confirmation can be done in the following two ways:

  • By visiting the bank unit.
  • During the first logging into online banking, having approved the consent for use of Smart-ID Basic, with other identity verification means issued by the bank (PIN card, generator), M- signature or stationary E-signature.

Detailed information on how to use Smart-ID can be found in the instruction.

If you have questions, feel free to call 1813 (+370 37 301 337, if calling from abroad) or visit selected Šiaulių bankas unit.