Contactless Debit Mastercard

Most appropriate card for daily payments!

This payment card is one of the most popular international debit cards. It can be used  to settle in the usual trade and service venues, on the on-line stores, to book an air plane ticket, a hotel room or a car.

Benefits of contactless Debit Mastercard

EASY.  A conctactless Mastercard  card  can be used to pay for purchases without PIN code confirmation when the amount does not exceed the transaction amount set for the specific card reader.

FAST. Wishing to pay You have to touch your card on the reader marked with a symbol . When paying follow the instructions on the card reader's screen. A payment will be approved when the green light flashes and the reader beeps.

SAFE. These payments are safe as they are subject to a few layers of security. You may also order Security programme  which serves for additional card protection and compensation of the client's losses if the client lost his payment card or the card was stolen from from him and / or illegally used

USEFUL. Paying with a contactless payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall be applied. An amount that can be paid with the contactless card without entering the PIN code may vary in Lithuania and abroad.

Debit Mastercard Opportunities

Being a holder of the Mastercard  you will be able to

  • to receive a salary, scholarship, pension, social benefits, etc. in a payment card account;
  • to pay for purchases or services in Lithuania and abroad in all places marked with Mastercard;
  • to take advantage of  the discounts provided by the service providers;
  • withdraw cash from Šiaulių bankas ATMS or other ATMs in Lithuania and abroad or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB;
  • place cash into a card account through Šiaulių bankas ATMS that accept cash or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB ;
  • amend your payment card PIN code to other required code through Šiaulių bankas ATMs
  • cancel payment card chip blocking (if it was blocked because of a wrong PIN code enter into a chip card reader)  through Šiaulių bankas ATMS;
  • to issue additional payment cards family members or other people you specify associated with the same your card account so that they can use the funds in your bank account.

For all private clients of Šiaulių bankas with payment cards linked to the service plans "Traditional", "Maximum" and "Youth": FREE CASH WITHDRAWAL IN ALL LITHUANIAN AND FOREIGN ATMs and terminals of Perlo paslaugos UAB.


  • Card servicing fees of this cards are lowest comparing to other payment cards.
  • A payment card may be linked to a bank account in euros.
  • Paying with a payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall be applied.
  • Debit Mastercard payment cards can be purchased by citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries.
  • You may also additionally  order Security programme.

Security programme

You may additionally order the security programme for each payment card

  • we will compensate  lost amount up to EUR 3000 within 1 (one) business day from the submission of claim regarding illegal card usage;
  • a new card  shall be reissued free of charge if the card is lost or its data has been used illegally;
  • the Card's PIN code can be changed  free of charge at any ATM where this service is provided;
  • the insurance coverage shall apply when event tickets are cancelled due to illness;
  • you are insured in case of vehicle key loss;
  • personal civil liability insurance applies to you.

The service fee per  payment card shall be charged EUR 0.90 per month only. The Security programme for a particular card can be order via  SB Linija filling in the SP request on-line or in the Bank's units.


This payment card can be ordered