Changeover of Maestro and Mastercard Standard Payment Cards

In order to unify the issued payment cards Šiaulių Bankas does not issue the following cards any longer:

  • Maestro group (Maestro and Maestro Business) since 10/08/2015;
  • Mastercard Standard– since 03/04/2017.

These cards are updated and changed over (if the card is lost or due to other reasons) to the payment card belonging to Mastercard group.

Debit Mastercard

Most appropriate card for daily payments!

MasterCard Gold

Most appropriate card for payments while travelling!

Debit Mastercard is one of the most popular international debit cards.  You can use your funds from the card to pay both in the ordinary sales and service places as well as in e-stores. It is convenient for paying on the Internet, booking a flight, hotel room or making car reservation.


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Prestigious international Mastercard Gold credit card ensures exceptional servicing and financial security. It is convenient to settle everywhere: in the usual trade or service locations as well as on-line. Interest-free credit, if it is granted for MasterCard Gold account, is available for free for 45 days free of charge.  This card holders are covered free with travel insurance and purchase insurance.


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It is easy to change a card

Changeover of Your card to MasterCard will not cause any additional inconvenience:

  • Payment cards belonging to Maestro group and Mastercard Standard shall be changed over to Mastercard payment cards in compliance with the Service Fees of Šiaulių Bankas available on the bank's website or in the customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas.
  • during the period of change-over,  Maestro and Mastercard Standard cards shall be operating without any disturbances, they may be used as usually;
  • replacing the card, the account number shall remain the same - only a card type and number shall change.
  • Changing Visa Classic or Mastercard Standard to a new card, the applicable fees shall depend on the type of the selected card (the fees applicable to Debit Mastercard are available here, the fees of Mastercard Gold - here);
  • If the possessed Maestro or Mastercard Standard payment card expiry date is longer than 3 months, Mastercard shall be issued with the same validity date, if less than 3 months - a new card validity date shall be determined. 
  • You can use the funds from existing Maestro and Mastercard Standard card account as long as you take the new MasterCard card.

if a credit limit was granted to Your card account, it shall be automatically transferred to the newly issued Mastercard card.

In order to smoothly continue shopping o-nline, after having exchanged Maestro or Mastercard Standard  to Mastercard, do not forget to update the card data in secure on-line payment, PayPal and other e-systems.

How to change a card?

An application to change the Visa card may be filled as follows:

Please note!

Replacing or extending a Mastercard Standard payment card please fill Request to Receive Personal Card (DOC) specifying the card you would like to receive.