Contactless Mastercard Gold credit card

Most appropriate card for payments while travelling!

You can receive a credit limit up to EUR 10 000 in the card account.
MasterCard Gold cardholders receive free travelling insurance and purchase insurance.

Why it is worth choosing Mastercard Gold?

Being a holder of the MasterCard Gold You can

  • receive a credit limit up to EUR 10 000 in the card account. These payment cards are entitled to interest-free or permanent credit limit over their useful life;
  • the used credit limit can be repaid in instalments, and the repaid part could be used again for Your needs;
  • pay on the Internet, book a flight, hotel room or make a car reservation;
  • You may change your daily limits for cash withdrawals at ATMs or payment for goods at your own discretion;
  • cancel payment card chip blocking (if it was blocked because of a wrong PIN code enter into a chip card reader)  through ATM;
  • additionally order the security programme for each payment card which will provide the additional protections and compensation of losses if the card is lost, stolen or used illegally.

Mastercard Gold payment card insurance

 Mastercard Gold Cards are exclusive, and their holders  are subject to exclusive insurance coverage:

  • a card holder and his/her family members travelling together receive travelling insurance;
  • insurance coverage also applies to skiing and scuba diving (down to 30 metres);
  • the cost of mobile communication shall  indemnified up to EUR 50 if  it was  incurred arranging  urgent medical care after the insured event;
  • Luggage and travel delays shall be indemnified by real costs if the delay lasts for more than 3 hours;
  • Insurance coverage in case of trip cancellation or missed flight shall be indemnified up to EUR 1 000;
  • Additional protection  - travel documents' insurance -  shall indemnify  real costs up to EUR 500;
  • New insurance coverage - Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver - indemnified expenses up to EUR 1 000;
  • In the event of a terror attack, travel insurance coverage shall also apply;
  • The card holder is provided with purchase insurance  protection.
Major terms and conditions of travel insurance
Major terms and conditions of Purchase insurance
Where to turn to in case of an insured event?
  1. Travel insurance  shall apply to the Cardholder  and his family members travelling together : the spouse of or life partner, children (or adopted children, or children in foster care) under 19 years of age ( under 24 years of age if in full-time education - the number of  family members is not limited.
  2. Medical Expenses and Trip Cancellation Covers shall apply when the Insured is  up to and including 75 (seventy-five) years of age.
  3. The number of journeys per year is not limited.
  4. Insurance is valid not longer that for 90 calendar days per one journey of the insured person.
  5. Travelling insurance is valid in all the countries except Lithuania and cardholder's country of residence (if he/she is not a resident of Lithuania).
  6. Travel insurance shall apply if you have an active Mastercard Gold card issued by the bank.
  7. In the event of trip  or baggage delay, the insurance benefit shall be cover  real expenses  when delay exceed three hours.


    Mastercard Gold card insurance shall cover:

    Insurance cover

    Sum insured each and every event


    Medical expenses

    Emergency treatment

    250 000 €

    Emergency dental treatment to alleviate pain

    up to the sum of medical expenses insurance


    up to the sum of medical expenses insurance

    Expenses of accompanying persons

    not exceeding 1000 €, 10 days

    Mobile phone costs

    50 €

    insurance against accidents


    30 000 €


    30 000 €

    Personal civil liability insurance

    30 000 €

    Baggage insurance

    Loss, damage, destruction of baggage

    1 000 €

    Baggage delay (exceeding 3 hours)

    Real costs, not  more than 500  €

    Travel documents’ loss

    Real costs, not  more than 500  €

    Travel cost insurance

    Trip cancellation costs

    2 000 €

    Missed flight costs

    Trip delay (exceeding 3 hours)

    Real costs, not  more than 300  €

    Terrorism cover


    Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver

    1 500 €


1.    It is valid throughout the world, including Lithuania.
2.    Protection is valid for 120 calendar days from the moment of purchase.
3.    The purchase must be fully paid by the Mastercard Gold Card issued on behalf of the Insured.
4.    Damage is paid when the purchase is damaged, destroyed or lost due to theft, robbery.


€ 1,500 for each event, no more than € 3,000 for the insurance period, deducting € 25 for each event


If you receive in-patient curative  

  1. If the emergency medical aid is provided to You in a hospital, please contact APRIL Lithuania Assistance UAB  by yourself or with the help of a doctor and inform about the event  before starting treatment.
  2. Turn to those medical  institutions that belong to the public health care system.

How to report about an insured event?

When the insured event:

Deadline for reporting on insured event

Report on the insured event:

Travel isnurance

Immediately, however not later than within 15 calendar days after You return to your permanent place of residence

OPS Lietuva Assistance, UAB

• Telephone: +370 52 790860
• E-mail:


Within 3 calendar days after the event

Baltic Underwriting Agency, AB

• Telephone: +370 52 667799
• E-mail:


Security programme

 You may additionally order the security programme for each payment card and

  • we will compensate  lost amount up to EUR 3000 within 1 (one) business day from the submission of claim regarding illegal card usage;
  • a new card  shall be reissued free of charge if the card is lost or its data has been used illegally;
  • the Card's PIN code can be changed  free of charge at any ATM where this service is provided;
  • the insurance coverage shall apply when event tickets are cancelled due to illness;
  • you are insured in case of vehicle key loss;
  • personal civil liability insurance applies to you.

The Security programme for a particular card can be order via  SB Linija, filling in the security programme request on-line or in the Bank's units.

How to acquire a card?

This payment card can be ordered via:

You may consider the following