Deposit is a simple and convenient means of saving, which allows over time to increase savings at fixed annual interest rate, and sometimes even more.

You can increase available free funds by placing this term deposit:

  •  for the selected period of up to 5 years;
  •  receiving a fixed annual interest.

 There is an option to terminate the deposit contract prematurely.

The term deposit offers greater earning potential. It:

  • can be placed for a period from 6 months;
  • allows you to receive higher annual rates compared to conventional term deposits.

In addition, private customers, under special life circumstances, by applying and submitting supporting documents, can terminated the deposit contract earlier than planned.

Term deposit with additional

When you place the term deposit for a period from 3 years:

  •  you will receive a fixed annual interest;
  •  you will also have the opportunity to earn additional interest under certain conditions in the financial market.

Besides, in case of special life circumstances, private clients may terminate the deposit agreement prior to its maturity by submitting an application and documents evidencing these circumstances.