Term Deposit PLUS

This term deposit is a simple and convenient means to grow your savings. Private clients, in special circumstances, can prematurely terminate the deposit contract or withdraw part of the deposit, without breaking the contract.

Key terms

  • The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros, US dollars or British pounds.
  • The deposit contract term is from 6 to 60 months (from 180 to 1 810 days).
  • Annual interest is calculated from the first to the penultimate day of the deposit term and may be paid in the following ways:
    -          monthly;
    -          every year;
    -          at the end of the deposit term.
  • When entering into the deposit contract, there is no option for automatic extension of the deposit. However, regarding the extension, you can apply via the SB linija or in bank branches 60 days before the end of the term of the deposit and extend the deposit for the same period and the same amount of the deposit. In this way, the deposit is extended each time before the expiry of its term.
  • Under special circumstances, if you take a part of the deposit money, you will not lose the accrued interest, which will be paid at the end of the deposit term (for private clients).
  • If the sum of all Fixed-term deposits Plius of the depositor exceeds 1 million in same currency, the contractual interest rate shall apply to a new Fixed- term deposit Plius  if the depositor wishes to place it.


  •  Over time, the savings can be increased by a fixed rate annual interest, higher than that of conventional, fixed-term deposits, and if the deposit is placed via the SB linija for one year or more, it is applied 0.10 per cent extra interest.
  •  Favourable saving period is from 6 months up to 5 years.
  •  There are 3 interest payment ways.
  • In some cases, if taking in the bank branch a part of deposit or after expiration of the deposit, cash withdrawal fee is not applied.

Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract

  •  In the case of special circumstances, you can withdraw a part of the deposit money without terminating the deposit contract: just submit an application and exceptional circumstances supporting documents.
  • If these documents are submitted within the deadline announced by the bank from the date of occurrence of such extraordinary circumstances, you will be paid by that time accrued interest (otherwise the interest is not paid).
  • Interest calculated for the part of the deposit being withdrawn is paid at maturity of the deposit together with accrued interest on the remainder of the deposit amount.

Early termination of the deposit contract

Deposit can be stopped before the deadline only in exceptional circumstances. Business customers according to the list of special circumstances cannot terminate the deposit contract before the deadline.

Deposit contract may be entered into:

Deposit contract can be entered into by natural and legal persons (residents and non-residents). At entering, you just have to specify the desired deposit amount and have it in your deposit account on the funds reserving day. The contract shall enter into force on the day of entering and is valid until the date specified.

Contact phone tel. 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337).

List of special circumstances and their documentary evidence

Term deposit with additional interest