Term deposit with additional interest

After placing this term deposit linked to a financial asset, you get a fixed annual interest and you will have the opportunity to earn additional interest under certain conditions in the financial market.

Key terms

  • Deposit is distributed only during a certain period, which is published on www.sb.lt.
  • The minimum deposit amount is EUR 1 000.
  • The deposit contract term is 3 years (1 440 days).
  • Interest:
    -   fixed annual interest is paid at maturity of the deposit and is calculated from the first to the penultimate day of the deposit term;
    -   additional interest depends on the change in the value of the financial assets to which deposit is linked: it is paid at the end of term of the deposit for the entire duration of the deposit, if value of deposit-associated financial asset on the date specified in the contract reaches the specified level;
  • The entire deposit amount and accrued till maturity fixed annual interest is paid at maturity in any case.


  •  Term deposit advantages characteristic for this deposit are:
    -          a clear term of deposit upon maturity and fixed annual interest paid at maturity;
    -          safe saving means covered by deposit insurance;
  •  You have the opportunity to receive higher returns: extra interest.
  • In some cases, you can put and take this deposit in cash in the bank branch without paying cash pay-in or pay-out fee.

Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract

Early termination of the deposit contract

Deposit contract during its distribution period can be entered into:

Deposit contract can be entered into by natural and legal persons (residents and non-residents). At entering, you just have to specify the desired deposit amount and have it in your deposit account on the funds reserving day. The contract shall enter into force on the day of entering and is valid until the date specified.

Contact phone tel. 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337).